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Make your own GeoPeeker

In the past when working in support, I have used GeoPeeker in order to see if someone’s website had caching issues, geographical specific content, or just to see if anyone else (anywhere else) was experiencing the same issues I have.

The downfall: working in support for a company, others have the same idea and can cause you to meet your daily or hourly limit for your IP address. Being tech savvy and doing things on the cheap when I can, didn’t quite want to pay for a GeoPeeker plan. They most definitely have their benefits and are a great tool. I just hate to pay for something when I can do it myself.

So that is what I did. Using six different servers, I made proxy script that executes a PHP curl with one central hub that iframes those curl requests. I know… No one likes iframes these days, but it works!

I decided to be a little more verbose and transparent about the kinds of tools that aren’t work specific on my Github. If this is something you like the idea of, you can find this project here:

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