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Preventing Site Mirroring with Janna Pyles

Working in the web hosting industry, I have seen some interesting things. One instance in particular, I wanted to recreate right away. In doing so I could help others become more aware of it and find ways to combat it. In this situation an individual had their website/business being targeted by mirroring their website. For those who aren’t aware, this can greatly affect SEO. Search engines like Google do not like to see duplicate/mirrored content as well as it can be seen as a competitor if done right. Sadly, their issue reached me by the time the mirrored site had either met or exceeded popularity in Google.

A couple days ago, I took the time to write some code to duplicate this situation on my own site. With the help of one of my colleagues, Janna Pyles, she has helped me put together a post on her blog to help those who this could potentially harm and help prevent those from plummeting on Google’s search results from duplicate/mirrored content.

Without further ado, here is Janna’s elegantly written article:

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